Christmas Magic

For many, Christmas is the best time of the year that you spend with loved ones, friends and relatives. All over, the city is adorned with Christmas lights, Christmas trees adorn the streets, the Christmas markets invite you to stroll and shop - with gingerbread, homemade cookies, Christmas beer, mulled wine or homemade punch to keep you warm in this cold winter season and certainly someone goes back to being the little child who is waiting impatiently for the arrival of Santa Claus.
We, the team of Brandiskeller, bring you afantastic experience in that time. Our beautiful restaurant, which is naturally heated creates a warm, special atmosphere,with discrete christmas decorations and an appropriate selection of food and drinks what will make your evening here special.
We are pleased to offer an adequate Christmas menu in any price range, there is definitely something for everyone. Alternatively you can visit the proposed menu on our website, maybe you will find something you like already?
As an appetizer we recommend our mulled wine stall, where you can warm yourself up.  Mrs. Sabine is at your disposal with a friendly smile, a relaxed atmosphere and good music so that you will not miss anything. An open fire provides warmth and a breathtaking setting at the same time, in themidst of our summer garden with a beautifully lit Christmas tree. Look at our gallery - Pictures say more than words.
he team Brandiskeller rejoice to be able to accompany you in this beautiful season and be able to share with you some memories of an evening in this fascinating season .
We wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful holidays to all those who are already our customers and all those who want to become more regular customers. A big thank you for your loyalty and for all the positive reviews. Verbal advertising  remains notoriously the best advertisement, without you we would not exist in such manner. You guys are great!

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